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Our Goal

Character before Competance

Competence is everyone’s watchword these days but ‘Character before Competence’ is the catchword of our school. We live in different times where virtues like patience, hard work, and resourcefulness are not taught as they once were. Today visioning our child’s overall growth, our school prepares children to earn and attain ‘character before competence’.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American philosopher said, “Character is everything”. For a well-rounded personality, academic excellence is incomplete without character. The philosophy of our school is to help every child become a balanced and 

responsible adult having imbibed the values that lie at the core of our ethos. More often than not, schools don’t foster both character development and competency on an equal basis. Many a time character development and competency find falling behind with chase for excellence and merit. Without a child seeing these virtues lived out, education becomes simply knowledge without any real attachment to the application.

A truly successful school is one developing their students in both character and competency.  SVPS is one of those schools who’s goal is to bring ‘Character before Competence’.



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