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Our Vision

To Educate, to Enlighten, and to Empower

The three strong pillars below define us for who we are:

To Educate: With our well-researched curriculum and modern teaching methodologies and wide out-of-the class room activities, we, at SVPS constantly strive to educate our students with fascinating learning experiences every single day. We work tirelessly towards creating future leaders, thinkers and change bringers, who would make a real difference in tomorrow’s world while also upholding moral values.

To Enlighten: At SVPS, We believe that every child is unique and can achieve his/her true potential given in a nurturing environment. Our aim therefore is to make learning  fun-filled and active. We ensure  that education does not focus on rote learning but helps them to develop skills necessary to face the world with confidence.

To Empower: Finding your voice doesn’t just mean being heard out loud, but rather, having an opinion of your own. Empowering children helps them believe that their strengths can flourish and that they can survive inevitable setbacks and failures. If education is to empower children and promote their human rights, at SVPS we strive to do more than just inform.

To Educate, to Enlighten and to Empower is what we believe. It is our mantra and our inspiration.



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